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Nov. 1, 2013

Ode to Nacho Cheese by Amber

Ode to Nacho Cheese

O' nacho cheese, shining bright yellow,

Just the sight of you can make a man bellow.

Gooey, liquidy sauce made for us to mellow,

Without you these are just chips without the nacho.

You bring us happiness when we see your glow.

When you hit our table, how can we say no?

Beautiful memories, your scent brings.

Football stars we loved, our class rings,
And the chants that everyone sings.
When we won our games, we were kings.
We were on top, like we had sprouted wings.

Only you can bring back these things.

O' nacho cheese, you give us what we lost.
The youth stolen, time's unfortunate cost.

Just like the fall's dead leaves covered in frost,

Stolen away by the master mind, Jack Frost.

But I promise our leaves will defrost,

And we will leave with us being the boss.

But until then, I will sit here and enjoy you,

Your spicy bite that is way past due,
And all those memories that are renew.

I know that when I'm done, I must bid you adieu,

And return to my life having grew.

Know this, I owe these memories to you.

Optional Credit: I or Me? Due 11/8/31

Many people don't use I or me correctly in their sentences. Let's try to master that issue this week. First, read this article. Then copy and paste the sentences into a word document. Put the correct word (I or me) in the blanks. Finally, submit the document to the Discussion forum for I or Me. Remember, optional assignments don't get late extensions.

Select I or ME to complete the sentences.

1. It’s up to __ to warn people of the impending zombie invasion.
2. The principal made Hayden and ___ repair the damage to the park fence.
3. If it were up to Maria and ___, the room would have been painted blue.
4. Johnny, Mary, and ___ road bikes all the way to Stone Mountain.
5. Dad is getting a car for Christmas, but that is a secret between Mom and ___.
6. ___ and Andy are going to the movies tonight.
7. Sara and ___ are going shopping next Saturday.
8. My cat jumped on the bed with ___.
9. Jason is tall, but he’s not as tall as ___.
10. Except for you and ___, no one knows about the test.

Heroes Presentation

I attended the Heroes and Mutants presentations this week and enjoyed all the information and ideas presented. Those who attended gave the presentation a good reception. Based on the articles from students in this class, you enjoyed it as well. Perhaps we will have a few budding archaeologists come from this start.
The Culture Cafe is a new activity at GAVS and we are looking for more exciting presentations. Perhaps we will be able to get some authors to discuss their books!
Meantime, the recording of the presentation is available for your viewing pleasure.
Click Iron Men And Mutants-What are heroes made of? for recording.