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What is MMM

MMM is a community of people, voluntarily providing financial assistance to each other. MMM is not a bank, MMM does not collect members MONEY, MMM is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. There is no central bank account where all the funds are kept and where it can be easily stolen. Funds are distributed amongst the participants themselves, directly into members’ accounts. Participants transfer Naira and bitcoin directly to each other, without middle man involved. MMM only regulates the process and nothing more.

MMM Ideology

MMM ideology is to change the global unjust financial system. MMM aim is to create future global financial fairness, across the various communities and society in general. MMM wants to ensure that there is global financial balance and fairness, it wants to ensure that each person is able to afford the basic needs such as food, education, shelter etc etc. MMM vision is not to create millionaire and billionaire but to ensure that the basic human rights needs are met. It wants to build a future where there will be no slaves and no masters and where everyone will work for pleasure and for the benefit of society not to be slaves of the rich people. MMM wants to create better world for all, better future, where people will be financially equal. Where there will be no slaves and masters.

How Does it Works?

In MMM people agree without any guarantees and promises to help each other with money. Just like that. Because they want to. Assistance provided "transforms" into MAVROs - virtual currency of MMM which grows at the rate of 30% per MONTH!

Let's take an example

Nick has in his pocket 10,000 $ that he does not need now. He wants to provide help to another person, contributing it in MMM at 30% per month. His intention creates a virtual currency -MAVRO- in MMM (at that the real money is in his pocket). Since this moment the amount of MAVRO begins to grow, even despite the fact that money has not been transferred to anybody yet.

There is another man - John. He has provided help earlier (for example, 3 months ago he contributed 10 thousand dollars at 30% per month, and now wants to get 2.197 times more - 21 970 $). John presses a button in the MMM Personal Office, and the system finds him a person (or more), which wants to provide help now - Nick. The system connects people by providing the sender with the information of the recipient’s details of the bank account. The sender makes the transaction, and the recipient, after the money is received, confirms the receipt in MMM Personal Office. Since that moment Nick has the right to receive financial assistance according to the amount of MAVROs which have "grown" in his Personal Office during the period of participation. In order to receive help Nick needs to press the corresponding button in the PO and another person will transfer money to him. And so on. Previous are paid at the expense of the next. It's simple! H

There is a logical question: will there always be a person who wants to provide help? Will not I be the last one who will not receive money because of its lack?

Let's think a little. What will John do getting help from MMM? Of course, he will spend it. His life will improve, even if before he was in huge debts! If he has money, his friends will be necessarily interested - WHERE FROM?! And, of course, John will tell them - from MMM!

So, I open the secret, which is not a secret at all: everybody needs money! Absolutely! This is the modern world. John’s friends will get interested in MMM, and a living example of a completely successful participation will not leave them a chance to refuse.

Why does this flow of new people have to stop? There is no reason for this. On the contrary, it will only grow more and more rapidly in the length of time.

In Summary, MMM provide a platform to its participants to help each other, We basically "Provide Help" (PH) and "Get Help" (GH) and the amount you provide help with will grow at 30% per month - How, When you Provide Help let's say #100,000 a participant will be assign to u to send the money to, after 1 month, your #100,000 will have grown to #130.000 (#100,000 + #30000 (30% of #100,00)) and you too will be able to Get Help of #130,000 (130%). The Min to Provide Help in MMM Nigeria is #2000 naira.

MMM Nigeria payout after 30% Compounded Interest Monthly (In Naira)

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Registration Bonus

$20– for first contribution from NGN 11,000 - NGN 109,780

$50 – for first contribution from NGN 110,000 - NGN 659,780

$100 – for first contribution Above NGN 660,000

Referral Bonus

10% - The Bonus is paid in MAVRO 30% which may be taken out as soon as the referral has provided help and got his MAVRO confirmed.

Guider’s Bonuses

To become a Guider/Manager in MMM, you will attend a 10 day online MMM manager school.

5% – from first-level participants’ donations
3% – the second level
1% – the third level
0.5% – the fourth level
0.25% – the fifth level
0.1% – the sixth level
0.05% – the seventh level
0.03% – the eighth level
0.01% – the next level

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Together we will change the world!