Exciting things are happening in Math Class!

6th Grade

We have been working on making equivalent expressions. Example: 2c-8 We could say

2(c-4) or (1c+1c) - (4x2) or (2xc) - (10-2). The list goes on and on! We will be moving toward solving equations. Example: 2c-8=20 c would have to equal 14. We are working hard to prepare for the ACT Aspire Test in April/May!

5th Grade

We are examining FRACTIONS! What fun! Fractions are a hard concept for students to grasp. We are working on using illustrations to build a foundation for a deeper understanding of fractions. Example: Mrs. E has 10 brownies. She wants 4 children to share the 10 brownies equally with none left over. How many brownies would each child get? To solve it: 1st we look at the question, "Will each child get a whole brownie?". The answer is actually each child will get 2 whole brownies and then we must split the remaining 2 brownies. If we split the 2 brownies among the 4 people, each person would get an extra 1/2. So, each child would get 2 1/2 brownies. We use pictures to show how to split the brownies and then we look at what it looks like using only numbers (10 divided by 4 or 10/4). We are working hard to prepare for the ACT Aspire in April/May!

Math is exciting and fun!

4th Grade Math

DECIMALS, here we come! We are progressing from whole numbers into decimals. That will lead the way to fractions. We are examining decimals on number lines, comparing decimals, building/naming decimals, adding/subtracting decimals, and multiplying/dividing decimals. We won't let decimals rest! We are working hard to prepare for the ACT Aspire test in April/May!