Phishing and Smishing.

By: Casey Dawson.

What is Phishing and Smishing?

- Phishing is the attempt to obtain very sensitive information like passwords and other personal information.

- SMIShing is when a person sends a SMS and is trying to get a user to download a Trojan Horse. Also known as SMS phishing.

Examples of Phishing and SMIShing.


- Text messages containing a "prize confirmation."

- Links from unknown phone numbers.

- Messages saying that your account has been "deactivated."

- People using your phone.


- Emails saying that you have won a "prize."

- Unknown email accounts sending you links.

- Emails saying that a certain account has been deactivated and to click a "link' to reactivate it.

- Emails telling you to reactivate you bank account.

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How to Prevent Both Phishing and SMIShing.

- Use common knowledge.

- Do not click/tap on foreign links.

- Do not give up passwords and personal information.

- Do not trust "realistic' looking messages.