Human dependence project

Main issues

1.) A lot of animal species such as chipmunks, birds, etc. lose their homes because they live in trees and the trees get cut down.

2.)If we lose too many trees we won't have as much oxygen.

negative issues on environment

*Seventy percent of animals lose their habitats because of deforestation.

*When burning trees for deforestation, the trees release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is one of the causes of global warming.

Main regions of deforestation

does deforestation affect our lives league city

deforestation contributes to the reason it's not very cold this winter because it causes global warming. It is winter in this photo.

My Solution

People can try to have less babies so then the population won't very big and people won't need to cut down trees to make houses out of the wood.

who or what causes deforestation

The picture below are things that cause deforestation.
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What is Deforestation?