Lizzie Borden

The best murderer of her time.

Who is Lizzie Borden?

Lizzie was born in Fall River Massachusetts. She murdered her step mother and father with a hatchet, she did not have a good relationship with her parents. ( editors, 2016) Her father, Andrew, physically and sexually abused her and her stepmother, Abby, was just trying to get money out of the Bordens. (She lived a high life after being proven innocent. ( Staff, 2009)


The Bordens all went to the Congregationalist Church. ( editors, 2016) The Bordens were considered a wealthy family their house was worth $300,000, which would be $7,900,000 in 2015!("Lizzie Borden", 2016) Lizzies birth mother died in 1863, so Abby was Andrews secound wife.("Lizzie Borden", 2016) Lizzie then died on June 1, 1927 because of pneumonia. Lizzies sister, Emma, died days later in Newmarket, New Hampshire. ( editors, 2016)

The family

Lizzie Borden found an axe, she gave her mother 40 whacks, once she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41


Lizzie definitely covered up her crime. She burned her dress, which she said was covered in paint when really it was blood. ( editors, 2016) Abby and Andrew were both murdered with thr same weapon, a hatchet. ( editors, 2016) Andrews head was found split open laying on the couch, Abbys head was smashed into pieces and was upstairs on the floor. ( Staff, 2009) Also, Lizzie was the only person in the house at the time besides the maid. ( Staff, 2009)

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