Canvas Crash Course

March 17th: Tips and Tricks

Utilizing Lessons Requirements

  • When you add requirements to a module, students must complete all requirements within one module before moving to the next module.
  • You can require students to complete all requirements in the module, or have them choose one item to fulfill a specific requirement. (Example: Only Chapter Test)
  • Note that you cannot add requirements until you have added items to a module.
  • You can choose to allow students to complete requirements in any order, or you can require them to move through the module sequentially.
  • If you have multiple iterations of an module item, you can set different requirements for each item.

Use the Gear Icon to Edit and Set Requirements

Big image

Module Settings Example

For this module, you can see that students must complete all requirements. Completion is also set to having a student actually submit their assignment before they can move on.
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You can double check your setting in the Module View

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Your Turn!

Set requirements to a module you have created in your Canvas Camp. Remember your options you can set:

  • View the item: Students must view the item.
  • Mark as done: Students must mark the module item as done before they can progress to the next item.
  • Contribute to the page: Students must post a reply to the discussion topic or contribute content to a page (for pages, make sure students are allowed to edit pages in the course).
  • Submit the assignment: Students must submit the assignment, graded discussion, or quiz.
  • Score at least: Students must meet a minimum submission score. With this option, an additional field appears where you can enter the minimum score that students must earn.

Questions: Contact Courtney Kofeldt