Iran Local News

Abby Rodriguez

Iran was once known as Persia, it's slightly larger than Alaska. Iran is a oil-rich nation. Major Iran industries produce textiles,metal goods, construction materials, and beautiful carpets valued worldwide. Farmers there grow weat, rice, sugar beets, and cotton. Iran's 66.6 million people are different from the people in Southwest Asian countries. About 65% of Iranians live in urban areas.

How Iran is doing right now.

Dictator Narry Storan

Iran is now under dictatorship. The dictator was selected on April 2, 2013, his name is Narry Storan. He decided that all women are not allowed to wear shorts and have to wear something to coverup their arms. Men have to wear long pants that go to there feet and cannot wear short sleeve shirts. People say that he's planning an attack on America to take the land and use it for oil.

Iran builds refugee camps

The dictator, Narry Storan, decided last week to build six refugee camps. These refugee camps are being built next to wadies because the refugees will be able to build crops and drink water. The Iranians are outraged and are starting to get violent. Narry doesn't show any signs to change his mind.

Narry Storan Might Build a Dam

The dictator Narry Storan might build a dam and many people are agreeing with him because of the droughts they've been having. He thinks this might solve the water shortage they have. Many Iranians are agreeing because it will store water for months.

Oil Money

Iran has decided to use their oil to build more hospitals and schools. They are also using the money for food and to have a strong military. The oil will be shipped out around the world on April 13, 2017. The oil only works on certain types of cars which will be announced when they ship the oil out.

Update On the Dam

Narry Storan decided not to build the dam because it wouldn't give us fresh water. Iranians are protesting on 6th Street and demanding that they build the dam. The protests have gone so violent that Narry needs more guardsmen with him at all times.