What is demand

What is demand

Demand is the quantity of a product that customers want to buy. For demand to be meaningful, it has to be backed up by the ability to pay. this is known as effective demands.

what is repeat purchase? why is it inportant?

demand is a function of getting people to try, then getting them to stay. In other words, product trail and repeated repeat purchase in most cases, advertising is the method to obtain trail, with the qualitising of the product being on to achieve a high level of repeat purchase . the weakness of this oprach is that advertising is an expensive way to get customers to try; and there is a risk of losing them if the image is not right for repeat purchase

What factor's influence demand? how?

the price of a productor or service is a key influence on the 4 level if demand. some product are demanded more than other, for example:-I-phone 5 every body want's because there the new thing out, the facor's influence it by if one of the lower models price go up they have to put the better qality model has to go up in price to.