The Grand Canyon State By Sawyer


The Grand Canyon goes through Arizona. The Grand Canyon are big mountains that squished together. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (445km) long and nearly 1.6 km deep. You probably think Arizona is a ton of deserts but it is actually part of a city. Did you know that Arizona achieved state hood on Valentin day in 1912.

Grand Canyon

Do you ever wonder how the Grand Canyon was formed? Well it was made by strong wind, fast water and ice. If you go to Arizona you probably will get a tower in a plan of the Grand Canyon. Click here if you want to learn more about the Grand Canyon.

Cool stuff about Arizona.

Arizona is a city to not gist deserts. The football team is Arizona carols. If you like to go to warm places then go to Arizona. If you go there you shod bring sunscreen because you would get sunburn because it is so hot!
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Arizona has meany mountains,rivers,lakes,valleys,deserts,canyons and Plateaus. The Colorado river is a vary long river it goose through the united states of america. Arizona has many cactus and not much flowers. Arizona is a great pales too go!


The main Job that people do in Arizona is manufacturing electronics. People also farm fruits and vegetables because of its warm climate. Arizona is one of the leading places for mining copier in the nation.

Interesting Facts

Arizona Cardinals which is a professional football team, and the Phoenix Sons which is a professional basketball team are located in Arizona .
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