Our Digital Reputation

Digital Footprint - Digital Citizen

Leaving a reputation

Leaving a good footprint behind you while using the internet and social media is vital. Swearing, taking inappropriate photos and writing disrespectful phrases will always be left behind you for the rest of the world to see. When you get your job, all these footprints you leave behind will be shown to your boss. It is hard to believe, but these footprints you leave behinds could affect your hole life. This is why it is so important to leave a good reputation.

Illegally Downloading

Illegally downloading music and movies will hurt the producer. Although you may think the only consequence is happiness, you are definitely wrong. Illegally downloading could give you a trojan (at the least) or even send you to jail. Saving your money to buy music will help you and the producer. It's the best of both words!

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the most common reasons of suicide in young young teenagers. It is the act of bullying someone via social media. Many of these young teenagers who were being cyber bullied by either strangers or untrue friends, have not told their parents about the problem. By telling your parents that you are being bullied, you could possibly save your life.