"Week in a Wink"

November 16, 2015


Please, please do NOT let band, orchestra, chorus kids in the school before 7:30am. We have SO many kids arriving as early at 7:10 and they are getting in the school. Staff members are letting them in!

We have to stop this from happening. No one is in the office technically until 7:30. Students are unsupervised and now parents are expecting their child to sit in the office. Often times parents are in the office too! They can go anywhere in the school since the doors are not able to be locked once they get past the main front door.

Thank you!

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Geib Pledge this week! :)

November 16:

Happy Monday!

November 17:

RTI Grade 3 in Macy's room at 8:00

Hour of Code staff training at 3:15 in Library (check it out-it's cool...really)

Various IEP Meetings- check your invites

November 18:

Early Release Day with dismissal at 12:20

IEP Consult Meetings: Week "A" AM/PM

November 19:

Art Abrego in the house!

8:00 TL Learning Center Meeting

PLC Meetings with Principal:

10:20 4th grade

11:00 5th grade

1:00 1st grade

2:25 2nd grade

3:15 Lightning Squad Meeting in Rathe's room (Focus: Review of Humanex Survey)

November 20:

5th Grade Principal for a Day

Townline Spirit Day- Bears v. Packers

PLC Meetings with Principal:

9:45 3rd grade

1:45 Kindy

Fun Facts:

November 16- Have a Party with your Bear Day!

November 17- Take a Hike Day! (Great day for a walk before the weather turns)

November 18- (nothing interesting on this day)

November 19- World Toilet Day! (how about thanks for a having toilet day?)

November 20- Name your PC Day! & Universal Children's Day!

Movie Review:

The Martian: 4 popcorn boxes

While it may seem like a long movie (2:25), it goes by SO fast. It's a thoughtful story about an astronaut who ends up stuck and alone on Mars. He gets creative and reflective about how to survive! Without giving the end away....it's a bit unrealistic but hopeful all at the same time.


Be sure to let your "pal" know who you are! It's not a secret..which I didn't know myself. The goal is to support each other through thoughtful gifts, notes, smiles and a chat. If you have any questions just ask a member of the Lightning Squad.