Express your life in Dublin

Grab your taste buds a piece of Ireland.

Ireland is home of many foods all you have to do is try one.IF you like fine dining go to a pub and eat some mushroom stew (irish stew).While there try the baked potatos,from real farms.Bread is a popular food.The most famous is brown bread,it is named after the color inside the bread.Need Dessert,Fruit cake is the most popular dessert in Dublin.Just try the irish food, its in your favor.

Get lost in Ireland's History!

Ireland, Home of the irish. Only living here for 7000 years the Irish have a successful establishment.Vikings were the first to find this island and establish it. In 1841 a potato famine,witch lead to over 1million deaths. During the potato famine the people would throw the potatos in the river/lake. In the 1800's jazz started in Ireland. Then the trombone came,then the bag pipes were made.Want to know more? Go to a museum to learn more about Ireland.

Tourisim is "FUN"

Ireland is home of many Sports and fun activities so jump in to the groove.Golf is the most famous sport in Dublin, With courses all over the country. Play it its the game to play in Dublin. During st.Patricks parade the Bag pipes go and play along with the bands performing. Like castles? Go to barney castle where the brave vikings built it to protect the hidden treasures hidden beneath the surface. Now go and enjoy by chosing an activity for the day!

History's Fine Sites

Either if your going to the hills or downtown Dublin, there are always ways to find a historical site in Ireland. The #1 ranked beer in the world is located in Dublin, Guinness Beer co. Close by there is a mysterous temple made by man, but its a investagation in progress. A holy statue north of Dublin is virgin Mary and Jesus, mary holding Jesus from the cross he had just left. Visit and be facinated by the arts of history.


Ireland is home of many languages,such as irish. Irish is the most recenised Language in Ireland.Second is the English Language, almost half of the population speaks English becuase of trade and tourist. Most shop keepers also know English.Celtic is a language about a fourth of the population speaks this language is not as important.Learn one and you are good for a year in Ireland!

Climate and Weather

In Ireland winters are long and cold, so go in summer. The average temp is 50˚F to 60˚F.Dublin has very bad smog so wear a hankerchief or a mask to protect your lungs.In dublin you can smell the sweet sea tangling at your nose.In WInter people go to the hills where it keeps some cold out of your way. Don't worry about weather, Just have fun.


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