ELO #5-Their Eyes Were Watching God


Due Wednesday, 7.12.17, @ 11:59 p.m.!

Up to 5 Points Will Be Added to Your TEWWG Unit Test!

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TEWWG ELO - (4) Choices:

Choose one of the following (4) assignments to complete by Sunday, April 30, 2017, before midnight.

Additional Requirement for Projects #1 - 3:

You will follow the directions on the assignment page and rubric, below, for these (3) projects.

As part of the project for Projects #1-3, you will type a one-page analysis of your "artistic product," if you choose to complete one of Projects #1 - 3, including the:

  • Newspaper Article
  • Novel Soundtrack, or
  • New Point of View

Project #4 - The Essay:

A (1)+ page essay, single-spaced, is required. This essay is your analysis, so you will be writing your analysis, using the "1-2-3 Rule," within this single-spaced essay - not an extra one-page analysis, as is required for the first three projects.

For the essay, you have (2) topics from which to choose - only!:

  • Analyze the symbolism of the pear tree - and nature in general - comparing and contrasting Janie's marriages; or:
  • Explain how the title, TEWWG, applies to the novel as a whole, not just the brief mention it receives.

Essay Guidelines - Project #4:

  • Outline first - create a persuasive Thesis Statement, and (2) persuasive Main Point Topic Sentences - plus the (6) partial quotes you will use.
  • Choose (3) partial quotes that fully support each MPTS per each body paragraph, for a total of (6) partial quotes
  • (6) partial quotes, total, in your paper
  • Use the "1-2-3 Rule" for each of your (6) sets of partial quotes
  • Use "Literary Present Tense"
  • Use 3rd Person Narrative in your essay
  • Use MLA Style
  • Use Formal English
  • (4) paragraph minimum - intro, (2) body paragraphs, and conclusion.

See our Writing Smores, as well as our News Items and Course Content pages and resources links, for additional assistance. Shmoop also has an excellent "Essay Lab" to help you with prewriting, outlining, and revising your essay!

Be sure to follow the rubric while completing your chosen project / paper - see separate rubrics, below - and double-check your assignment against the rubric before submitting.

See the links, below, for multiple resources regarding the definition of "otherness" / "the other," to help you better understand Hurston's use of it within TEWWG. "Internalized 'othering'" refers to how characters choose to allow the "otherness inflicted upon them to affect them. Think about how Hurston represents the concept of "otherness," and how Janie deals with it in the novel.

The paper will follow our standard English rubric.

Do your best work!

Mrs. Wolff

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Rubric for Projects #1 - 3: Newspaper Article, Novel Soundtrack, and New Point of View

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Rubric for Project #4 - The Literary Analysis Essay

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"Otherness" in Hurston's TEWWG

Be sure to see the following links, and read them before completing your chosen project.

The theme of "otherness" is prevalent within Hurston's text, TEWWG.

Think about the different ways in which Hurston explores this topic as you complete your project from beginning to end. Double-check your work against the Assignment Page and Rubric before submitting to ensure that you receive the maximum points, possible!

Looking forward to seeing your projects and analysis page!

Mrs. Wolff

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A Few Resources:

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