New York

Great place to go!

Fun Facts

New York is the third most popular state in the US. In New York City, there are more than 26,000 people living in each square mile. Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park used to be cemeteries. There is a death in New York City every 9.1 minutes. There is also a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes.

More Fun Facts

New York City will pay for a one- way plane ticket for any homeless person, if they have a place to stay. There are many different buildings in New York. There are buildings like the Empire State Building, New York Times Building and more. The One WTC is the tallest building in New York City.

Pictures of some of New Yorks buildings/statues

Central Park

Central Park was the first public landscaped park in the US. Central Park takes up 843 acres of land. That's sixteen billion NY apartments. There are over 9,000 benches in Central Park. Each year, Central Park has more than twenty-five million people come to visit.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the most popular building in New York City. It is struck by lightning about twenty-five times a year. The Empire State Building was supposed to be a dirigible anchor and passenger gate. When they were doing the construction of the Empire State Building, five people died. It is the third tallest building in New York City. It's 1,250 feet long. It is the third tallest building in New York City. It is 1,250 feet long.