Fun in First Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Kout's Class!

Looking Forward...

I am so excited to work with you and your child this year! I'm looking forward to a year full of learning, challenges and fun. We are going to learn a lot this year! Here is just a preview of what your students will be able to do by the end of the year:

Reading :

  • Find sounds in word
  • Explain the topic and key ideas from a reading
  • Find the meaning of new words in context

Writing :

  • Write about option, narrative writing, and informational writing
  • Recognize parts of speech
  • Properly capitalize, punctuate, and spell

  • Solve addition and subtraction problems and recognize the relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Count and write numbers up to 120
  • Recognize place value
  • Tell time
  • Explain the attributes of different shapes

  • Investigate their own scientific question and observe science using tools
  • Explain the seasons and weather
  • Explain the basics of light, sound, and magnetism
  • Explain characteristics of plants and animals

Social Studies:
  • Name and explain important figures in American history
  • Find where they live on a map
  • Name Earth's continents and oceans and explain landforms

Let's Work Together!

Your students have so much to learn and I cannot teach it all alone! I have included simple handouts that explain how you can help your children in different subject areas. If you ever have any other questions on how to help your child, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Furthermore, you are always invited to visit our classroom. Whether you want to see what your child's typical day is like, have something to share that can help our learning, or simply want to visit - you're always welcome! If you have have experience or knowledge in anything we are learning about, we would love to have you share with us. It is always beneficial for students to see a connection between home and school and a classroom visit is a great way to show your students that you value education!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call, email, or schedule a conference with me. Additionally, if you feel that there is more I can do to help your child, please let me know. You are the expert about your students and I will do anything to help your child grow.

Get To Know Me

This year, I hope to get to know you and your child quite well. This, of course, means you should know about me! My name is Andrea and I am from Marietta, Georgia. I attended the University of Georgia, where I also studied theatre and sign language. My favorite things in the world are dogs and music. I can be found on the weekend with my friends and family, attending theatre or reading. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books, which I've read more times than I can count! Math and reading tie as my favorite subjects. I look forward to sharing my life with you and your child as you do the same with me!