Gambling News (Blake's View points)

By Blake Davis

Gambling hurts society socially and economically because it affects people so much and is still allowed when it is ruining people lives indirectly and directly when people don't accept in society.

The Companies Are Well Aware of What There Machines Do and Gambling Addicts

The companies of casinos and gambling machines know what there doing. You might think when your playing slots and you really close to winning I can win the next time. That's the thing they want you to think next time. They get you to think this because the machines are rigged to make you want to play more. " They know many of their customers suffer from gambling addiction." pg 70 This shows how much the companies don't care for you or your family. So next time your playing at casino be aware of how much your spending.

Student Gambling is Becoming a Problem

Gambling among student athletes and teens is a big problem with the casinos. Teens are getting away with going to casinos because they certainly just don't care all they want is money. When teens gamble they are prone to loose big amounts of money because they don't know how to deal with it. "The Whole scheme finally came crashing in on Joe last year when he amassed 20,000 dollars in debt." Pg 78. This shows that students don't know how to control there money and get around gambling even when its illegal from them and gambling should be outlawed.
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Gambling Can Fixed

The Problem with gambling is that you never know who is watching. You could lose so much money from someone cheating the game. College athletes have been reportedly caught cheating for someone to win is a bet so they can win money. Scott Milanovich a college QB was caught gambling on college sports Pg 174. Another instance like this was Arizona State when there point guard was caught shaving points of to win money Pg 174. This shows that you you never know what kind of bet you are getting into.
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Its Highly Addictive Especially Online Gambling

People don't realize how additive gambling is. The online sites are the most addictive because in the book Opposing view points it says " You can instantly avoid boredom by switching from one game to another." It also says when you play online games, " You can have your credit card purchase chips. This shows that when your out of money you can just go to a credit card to buy more plays then when you have no more money its gone and you cant pay your bills. This is when it becomes problem gambling. So next time you go to online gamble think about what your doing and if you don't have to gamble then don't.
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