Containment of Communism


Impact of Communist China

Mao Zedong was the leader of Communist China also the leader of the Red Army and a member of CCP(Communist China Party). Him and his Red Army went on a march called the Long March because Mao Zedong and the 100,000 troops he had were forced out of Southern China, they marched 6,000 miles to escape. He lost 93,000 men but gained supporters that would help lead Chinese Communist Revolution. Mao Zedong wanted China to be the most powerful country by inputting more factories and production of goods and services that was the Great Leap Forward. China's droughted weather didn't allow good farming products so the people began to die because of starvation, his Great Leap Forward had fail. He used his government power to change China's culture and tradition. When the people disagreed they started to protest and the most violent protest even was Tiananmen Square.

Korean War

The United States Feared that is Korea became Communist the other nations around it would become Communist as well. After WWII, Korea was divided into roughly equal parts at the 38th parallel. Where the North was in Communist rule and the South was under Democratic rule. Of June 25, 1950 General Chai Ung Chai invaded South Korea over 6 routes to unite all of Korea under Communist rule. So in September of 1950 the U.S and Korea controlled Inchon because it was on the coast of Seoul- the capital of Korea. Things got even bigger when China Decided to help North Korea at the end of October 1950. As of January to June 1951 China tried to take Seoul but the UN- the U.S allies- got it right back.
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^ ^ China Helped South Korea ^ ^

Vietnam War

The United States also feared over in Vietnam that if one nation became Communist the nations around it will be Communist. Vietnam was divided also in to two part like Korea at the 17th parallel. Where North was Communist and South was Democratic. Ho Chi Minh and his Vietminh army was in the North and the Viet Cong were in the South, the Viet Cong were actually supporters of Communism rule. In 1964 North Vietnam attacked U.S navy ships at the Gulf of Tonkin incident, that's when the United States got congress support and sent troops off to Vietnam. Many U.S citizens were against the Vietnam War because of large numbers of U.S casualties and drafts of males into the armed forces. The Viet Cong were sending in guerrilla tactics which helped North Vietnam in war. Today they both parts are united and under communist rule.
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^ ^ The Viet Cong ^ ^

Did We Contain Communism???

Containmant of communism did work because ovr on the Korean peninsula it's split into two parts north and south. Where the north is communist and the south is democactic. The main reason for the north is communist is because it shares a border with a very powerful communist country, China. in Vietnam they where also split the same way as Korea. When the U.S tried to help the south their people started to attack to them, the Viet Cong. So today they are united and are under communist ruling.