A New Muttation

This will change the Hunger Games for the better

Why you should take this into consideration:

A hybrid of a tiger and a hawk will add much entertainment to already entertaining games because, well, just think about the possibilities. For starters, its ability to fly will rule out the option for the tributes to climb trees and stay up in the branches for multiple hours. The tributes will have to constantly look up to even feel safe. Not only the animal itself, but the anxiety that it will inflict upon those sharing the arena with it, will make for much more emotionally exciting and interesting games. These tributes are going to have to know how to hide at the right place at the right time to avoid it. They will have to be incredibly skilled with weapons to even stand a chance. It will force the tributes to have to smarten up a lot more if they want to survive, making for even stronger remaining tributes to compete for the title of the victor. What this one muttation will contribute to these games will be more than any other muttaion ever has. The claws, teeth, the strength, the powerful wings with which it soars, and the sheer roar/squawk that it will produce will make for some incredible moments never before seen by Panem.

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The Hawk

With its incredible features, including, but not limited to its massive wings, sharp talons, and keen vision, this raptor is flawlessly designed to kill from high above.

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The Tiger

This beast is known to be aggressive. Just look at it. With its powerful jaws and flesh-ripping teeth, not much needs to be said about what it can do to its unfortunate prey. Not to mention what it has done to humans. Now just imagine if this thing could fly.

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The Tiger-Hawk (I'll let you guys think of a better name.)

With the combined features of the two animals, what we will have is a creature nothing short of nightmare come true. A killing machine. A way to make the Hunger Games even better at what they do best: scare people. Come on. I don't care who you are, you would be terrified to see this thing swoop down towards you.