Serena Williams

My Athelete

Serena's Life

Serena has won 4 different gold medals in Olympics. She has won over 20 grand slam singles titles and several Olympic Gold Medals. Serena was born in 1981 in Saginaw,Michigan. She started practicing with her dad at the age of 3 and won her 1st major championships in 1999.
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My Evidence

She doesn't just worry about tennis and getting lots of money in her spare time she likes to read " Human Anatomy". She started on what she loved early at the of 3 and is 34 so she teaches me to do what i believe in and never quit. She had a hard life being around gang activity but that didn't stop her from playing tennis.

Serena Shows Maturity

Serena went against one of the greatest tennis players (54-3 his score) instead of her reacting immature she persevered. Venus get most of shine instead of Serena getting upset she excepts it and let them have their opinion.

Interesting Facts About Serena

  1. 4 When she won her 1st tournament.
  2. Has won 70 million in career prize money.
  3. Lost to her sister ( Venus ) 3 times.
  4. Has won 21 straight matches at the U.S. Open
  5. W.T.A Ranking is 9945
  6. Zodiac sign is a Libra
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