By: Sanya Trehan

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is defined as a goal that takes hard work and determination to reach and overcome it completely.Some people persevere while others are unsuccessful because some people have a goal they want to reach and if they want it they will try their hardest to get it.Others are unsuccessful because they don't try or their goal is unreachable/impossible to overcome and do.
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What would you do if you didn't have arms and legs?(Cause/Effect)

Nick Vujicic was not born with arms or legs and he cannot just wish for them to appear.This is a man with a specila cause and he has a purpose on this Earth.Nick tells us that he has been bullied and called useless.He says he does not know what it is like to be fat but he has other issues he has to deal with on a day to day basis.One of Nick’s major problems is standing up from when he has to lie down sometimes he says it is impossible and feels like quitting.Nick says without arms and legs it is impossible to do the basic things others do with their arms and legs. Vujicic has to live life differently than we do .He cannot walk properly and walks one step at a time slowly and cannot run.We all walk one step at a time like he does but he walks a different way.He can only walk on his thighs of course because of his disability.The result of his disability is incredible, this man is not a quitter but a guy who makes himself stronger each day.Even though Nick has no arms and legs he does everything he can to make it through life even though it is hard.He uses perseverance and though it is almost impossible for him to stand up on his thighs he did it because he kept on trying. If Nick gave up he would never ever done it before.The bullying made him more stronger to accomplish the impossible.

If you had a problem how would you fix it?(Problem/Solution)

All the girls that go to Carroll Academy have a story to tell.Each one of them have a problem.Either their mom or dad have an addiction to drugs and alcohol.Some of them do not have a permanent home to stay in at night because of the addictions that lies in the house.The girls can’t get away from the abusage because they had nowhere to go.The girls have parents who do not care about them and all they just are pushed aside like they don’t matter.Mostly everyone has something they themselves cannot change about others but they can change themselves.That is why Carroll Academy is there to help.Carroll Academy supports the issues that teenagers face on a day to day basis at home.At Carroll Academy the girls get help from two very special coaches.All the teenagers that face these issues have never played a sport so in this school they learn how to.They get help by playing a sport.This sport helps them to persevere and try their best.The sport the coaches teach them is to play is basketball.They have a goal to win one game and show improvement and triumph.The girls play basketball and have a team with girls just like each other so the team know how each other feels.At Carroll Academy each teammate and the coaches takes care of each other like a family.And after the basketball season ended the team didn’t win but they learned a lot of life lessons from their coaches.They might have not won but in their eyes even though they lost they won because of how hard each one worked.They celebrated their last game of basketball with their highest number of points 29-52.

How would you react if you had Cerebral Palsy?(Description)

There is a man who makes art and this man is special.He is special be cause of the way he acts.This many is always happy and true to himself even though of how he was born .Paul Smith a man who lives in Rose Haven a nursing home who makes art but the way he makes art is different because he uses a typewriter.He types a word with one finger slowly to create a piece of art.He can only use one finger because Paul has a disorder. The disorder is called cerebral palsy.This disorder is due to abnormal brain development, often before birth.Symptoms include exaggerated reflexes, floppy or rigid limbs, and involuntary motions. These appear by early childhood.Long-term treatment includes physical and other therapies, drugs, and sometimes surgery.It causes him to be very difficult to move by himself.Paul has to sit in a wheelchair all the time and can barely speak. Can not do many things but the one thing Paul really likes is art.He does not sit around thinking negative but instead he uses his ability in art with a typewriter and is never depressed about the things he can’t do.Since he has started to make his marvelous work it has been hung up in the nursing home because it is original and comes from the heart.

Conclusion: What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversities in today's world?

We can learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversities in today's world by seeing how somebody else achieves their goal.You would want to also achieve yours.This helps us overcome adversity because after you achieve your goal,the obstacles you face become less and less because them more you achieve your goals the better it is.The adversity soon then starts to fade away.