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Serving Vulnerable Kids and their Families

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. This focused time, which began with Ronald Reagan in 1988, reminds us that there are roughly 408,000 foster children in our communities nationwide without stable guardianship and challenges us to take action steps towards caring for these children and their families. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin in engaging with care for vulnerable children and families in the foster care system. Over the last few years in the Greater Sacramento Region, Defending the Cause Regional Alliance has greatly helped in bringing together people who care for vulnerable children and bridging the gap between caring people and community needs surrounding the foster care community. Defending the Cause Regional Alliance is a network of agencies, non-profits, churches and professionals in the Greater Sacramento Area all working together to protect kids and strengthen families.

There is a huge need in our communities to care for the hearts and well-being of children from hard places. If you follow Christ, it is what we are called to do.

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This month, as you consider how you can care for vulnerable children, here are three simple ways to get you started:

1. Who do you already know? Is there a foster family at your church, a single mom in one of your community groups, or a social worker you see on a regular basis? Ask what you can do to help them lift the weight of caring for kids from hard places.

1. Visit the Defending the Cause's Area Needs program designed to connect local community needs with people willing to help! It's a great way to get your family or community group to serve in tangible ways the needs of vulnerable kids and those who help them.

2. Get your entire church involved! Defending the Cause has just launched a church ministry coaching initiative to help churches begin and sustain ministries that transform the lives of hurting families in their congregations and in their backyards

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Non-Profit Leaders Dinner - June 22nd

Are you a President, CEO or Executive Director of a non profit ministry in the Greater Sacramento area? Non Profit Leaders is a new gathering entity for non-profit leaders hoping to connect. Their focus is to provide a neutral gathering where leaders can develop relationships with others who lead similar capacities. The leadership of this fellowship hopes to support, encourage, resource and connect non-profit leaders in the Sacramento region that often feel isolating, disconnected and discouraged. Ministry can truly flourish when leaders build relationships with each other. Non Profit Leaders is hosting their second dinner on June 22nd at Epic Bible College.

Click HERE for more information and to register for their upcoming event!

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Stories of Service: Love Natomas

Something great is happening in Natomas as churches lead the way in promoting unity and advancing good in their community. Nine Natomas congregations came together for a combined City-Wide Good Friday service responding to the significance of Christ's death on the cross. The next morning, congregations partnered with Angelique Ashby and civic entities and community groups to throw an Easter party for the Natomas community featuring a helicopter egg drop. Leaders are calling these efforts Love Natomas, which seeks to unify churches, businesses, schools and other nonprofits to advance good in Natomas. Love Natomas launched its first ever Serve Day on May, 5th, where 10 churches and almost 200 volunteers who helped complete 12 projects around the Natomas community.

You can follow the Love Natomas movement HERE!

Featured Organization: The GreenHouse

The GreenHouse is a community center in the Gardenland Northgate neighborhood of Sacramento serving under-resourced youth through tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, and spiritual development. Their mission is to cultivate a thriving community by nurturing the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of our youth and inspiring them to grow to their full potential.
Do you know any stories of faithful people serving others in courageous ways in our region that should be shared? We would love to hear about it! Please contact us at
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