Brain Rules Book Review

Kenzie Davis


In Brian Rules, John Medina talks about 12 'rules' to help your brain and mental processes. This book is a huge eye opener for people who think they are doing everything they can to keep their brain healthy. It's not just about exercising and eating healthy anymore. It's about accepting that everyone works differently and performs differently. You have to embrace your individuality and know that nobody thinks the way you do.

The 12 rules he talks about impact me as a learner because it makes me realize that I need to do more things during the day to keep my brain healthy. Like sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. Human beings are not meant to do that. We are meant to explore and learn things by interacting and doing, not lectures and power points. And naps are a good thing! Our brains are built for survival, not high school. The daily monotony that is high school is killing our brains. We need to explore, grow on our own, do our own thing. Not sit at a particle board slab attached to a molded chair all day.

The tips in this book can help me as a future teacher by realizing that my students need to move, get up and interact with things. These 12 rules could help me create many fun activities around lessons and give my students a chance to get up and move around, explore and find things out for themselves. This could also help me to understand why some children act out more than others, or why some kids just can't sit still for reading time. They don't want to be tied down, they want more stimuli. They need more interaction with various things. This book could also help me plan lessons that will help children learn and cater to how their brains work, instead of just lecturing or having them do busy work.