Preserving Ladakh's Culture

why and how to preserve Ladakh's culture

Ladakh Culture

Preserving Ladakh's culture is Important to preserve. The reason is because it is basically what kept this community calm and respectful. It kept the community calm and respectful by helping each other. Like a neighbor would help another neighbor and would receive more help from that neighbor. Ladakh also had community jobs that everyone shared. Jobs in Ladakh were a community/family thing to do. This is why i think we should do something about the destruction of Ladakhi culture

Preserving Ladakh's culture will be hard because of all of the destruction that has already happened. But we can put Ladakh's culture into a requirement at their schools, and make more time for family's to work together and teach/learn about Ladakhi culture. This is what i think we should do about the destrcution of Ladakhi culture.