The Lost Life of Esperanza

Carson Cook

The Lost Life of Esperanza

I am from The House on Mango Street

I am from a street that I don’t know how to get out of

From a tiny apartment that I am trapped in

I am from a group of friends who make me feel alone

I am from a family that is not like me

From being completely lost and not knowing what or where to go.

I am from a group of girls who have been taught they have nothing to hope for in life.

I am from a group of drug dealers, rapists and murders all around me.

From a neighborhood of people that are trapped just like me.

from my aunt who listened to my poems.

From my lost and confused family who don’t know what to listen for.

I am from people who don’t know what it means to accomplish something.

I am from a house of unhappy people who only want the best for me.

From Mango Street a place that one day I hope to leave.

I am from a family with not a lot of money.

I am from a neighborhood that is unsafe.

From a neighborhood of people who don’t speak english.

I am from a mind that is lost and confused.

I am from an uneducated family.

From a world of dreams I long to seek.

I am from a world of poetry.

I am from inside a story of my own.

From a book of stories waiting to be heard

I am an inspiration to many other girls

I am a sign of hope

From a lifelong puzzle that has now connected the dots.

I am from being a sweet innocent little girl

I am from a naive mind

From a girl with knowledge on the inside that can’t come out

I am from nightclubs and wild parties

I am from my own little quiet corner

From thoughts in my head that will one day change the world

Carson Cook

esperanzas life by Carson Cook

E's Story

Esperanza is trapped and feels that she has no way out. She is living on Mango street and believes her world is in this house. She has no experience outside of Mango street. This really frustrates her. “An aunt who listens to my poems “ is what Esperanza has. It is vital because Esperanza feels that she has someone who will listen and understand her. She puts her life into the poems. Her poems are who she is.

The key idea I am focusing on is that she wants to do something bigger and better with her life but doesn't know how. She is looking for direction and wanting to get away from Mango street. “I am from a group of girls who have been taught that there is nothing to hope for in life.” “From being completely lost and not knowing where to go.” These lines from my poem tell the story of a frustrated girl who needs hope in her life to believe she will get out and do something better with her life. I chose this because it shows that those are the type of people Esperanza grew up around. She saw how unhappy they were in life and she did not want to end up like all the other people in her neighborhood. Sometimes when we look at the area we live in, we feel this is what we will be. If it is not what we want or dream of we then want to leave to start a new life.

In the middle she is focusing on trying to look for her life. She now feels something bigger just might be coming. She is listening to her inner voice and it tells her that more is waiting for her. “From a world of dreams I long to seek. “ “I am from a mind that is lost and confused.” Both of these lines tell us that Esperanza knows how she wants to fulfil her dreams and even though she is not sure how this will happen she is determined to do it. She is revealing her inner conflict by listening to her inner voice. This might be the turning point as she begins to believe more that she will get to her goals. Funny how she ends up listening to herself to get answers to her life that no one she lives with could help her with.

What I am focusing on is how Esperanza has changed over the course of her lifetime. In the end it really shows how she looks back on her life and how she has grown over time. She is happy and content with how things worked out “From a girl with knowledge inside that can’t come out.” “From thoughts in my head that will one day change the world.” She has knowledge that is written in her head with her feelings inside, but she still can’t get them out to the world so she can help herself. She really believes that she could change the world which is what she really wants, especially for the young girls on Mango street.

The tone of my poem is very relaxed. It at times shows confusion and at other times shows hope and courage. It at times shows weakness that builds up to strength. The main point of my entire poem is to show how she has grown over her entire life. Esperanza is someone that I can relate to because I went thru a similar experience. I finally realized that there was something bigger and better to want to work for. I hope that one day I too can write or share my experience and hope to inspire others just like Esperanza.