By Rachel C, Gabby I, Sydney T, Jennifer S


Authors: Paul and Timothy

Written: 60 Ad

Where from: Rome (while he was in prison)

To: Church in Philippi

Why: Paul is writing the letter to bring peace to their minds and to let them he was okay, and just wants to make sure they know everything and reiterate the main ideas

Major Topics

— Have the same mindset of Christ

— Do things without grumbling

— Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but rather do things for others

— Philippians were very concerned about Epaphroditus and his illness (God healed him)

— Paul shows his admiration towards Timothy

— Press on and keep going forward, not looking back

— Faith isn’t based on the law, it’s set on God

— Do not focus on earthly things

— Pleads with Euodia and Syntyche

— Utilize Paul’s teachings

— They were generous to Paul, he “pats” them on the back

Theme: You are strong in the Lord, Faith is based on God and not the law.

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Other Information

- Paul is writing this letter after being thrown in prison. He ended up in Rome because he appealed to Caesar.

- He seems pleased with the Philippians and is congratulating them on their good works.

Attestation of Reading

We, Sydney, Gabby, Rachel, Jennifer testify that we have read Philippians all the way through.


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