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Communities In Schools at Rockbrook Elementary

CIS Overview

Communities In Schools of North Texas is a year-round program that operates before, during and occasionally after school. Communities In Schools seeks to strengthen a promote success in several areas related to student and school life by providing a wide range of services for students as well as their families.

These services may include the following examples:

  • · Academic Tutoring and Educational Enhancement
  • · Supportive Guidance
  • · School Supply and School Uniform Assistance
  • · Mentoring Programs
  • · Enrichment Programs
  • · Small Group Discussion on topics such as character building, self-esteem enhancement, social and communication skills, goal setting, anger management, and study skills
  • · Health Enhancement Programs and activities
  • · College and Career Awareness

Group Brag

I have to end this school year bragging on my 5th grade Pink Ladies group. It has been amazing to watch how much they have grown and matured over this year. These girls have worked hard to become leaders and implement what we have learned in group. At our final luncheon, the girls each presented on one of the topics from our BE BRAVE acronym. It truly was a moment I will never forget. They were so confident, and it was incredibly obvious that they had retained what we had been going over in group. I'm not sure I have ever been more proud of a group of students.

Angel Card- Rockbrook's CIS Student of the Year

High School Buddies

Through the CIS program this year we were able to pair 30 students with a weekly LHS Student Council student. This year, students and mentors utilized this time for academics as well as fostering relationships between the high school student and Rockbrook student. Our students LOVE their High School mentors and learn so much from them.

Teachers---be on the lookout for a google form coming your way to start planning for HS mentors for next year. Consider which students of yours either had a HS mentor this year, or would benefit from one next year.


This month we will conclude our Boys2Men program for this year with an off campus lunch at Twisted Root. On May 18th, the boys celebrated the hard work they have done while stuffing their faces with HUGE burgers!

A huge thank you to Mr. Jim Mustain and his organization Loving Communitiy for their partnership in this program. Jim helped take a dream of mine and turn it into a reality. Couldn't run this program with out him!

5th Grade LWL Group

The 5th Grade Girls' Lunch With A Leader group is also coming to a close this year. The girls celebrated and presented on topics they learned off campus on May 25th. Thanks to one of our AMAZING volunteers Alisha McDonald, the girls will be having a catered lunch at the Grand Theater in Lewisville.

I am so proud of these girls and how much I have seen them grow this year.

Bold (setting bold goals for the future)

Endurance (being responsible and challenging themselves to follow through)

Believe (believing in self, positive self-concept)

Respect (respect for self and others)

Acceptance (accepting others, teamwork)

Value (valuing time, time management)

Empathy (being empathetic toward others, conflict management)


Food4Kids bags will run through the end of the year. The last bag will go home on the last full day of school.

A HUGE shout out to Larry and Suzanne Statler. The Statler's are our volunteers who help distribute the bags each month. They are so incredibly faithful about coming, sorting through the food, and getting it to the right classroom. This job is time consuming, and tedious and often under the radar. If you see them in the hall as they are passing out the bags, please stop and thank them for all their help.

UNT Math Tutors

UNT Mentors have just finished up for this school year. Over the course of the year we had about 30 students who had access to this free tutoring during the school year. Almost every one of the students paired with a mentor showed progress through their grades or STAAR scores!

We are so grateful for this partnership with the UNT math department!

Golden Girls Group

This semester, Ashley and I created and led a group around friendships for our 4th grade girls. Throughout the semester, our Rockbrook girls read and discussed the book "The Girls" and did activities related to healthy friendships.

The groups goals were simple: Increase friendship and communication skills, provide the opportunity to learn and experience leaderships skills, and build self-esteem and self-awareness.

I think Ashley did a great job leading the group, and I was so encouraged by the discussions we had with them.

I am looking forward to continuing on next year. If you know of any 3rd grade girls that could benefit from a group like this---please send names my way!!

Contact Information

Beth Ann Beckmann, LMSW

Traditional Site Coordinator

Rockbrook Elementary

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