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Goodbye Unit 1, it's been fun!


Grades in HARMONY will be getting some updates this week. The highest score will replace the two lowest scores of the 4 current grades.


Test 4: 77%

Test 5: 84%

Test 6: 82%

Test 7: 93%

HARMONY will now reflect the following scores: 93%, 93%, 93%, and 84% = 91% average.

Why do we do this? As the unit progresses throughout the 7 week process, students gain understanding and knowledge. Scores should see a steady rise if students are doing the required activities (videos, answer key review...etc) outside of class. We want to have a final grade in the unit of what your child can currently perform, not what he/she did not understand in the earlier weeks.

Some students take longer to master or understand the material and we do not want to penalize them for this. Everyone has 7 weeks to "get it."

What if they don't "get it?" We will still provide time at school for remediation and help. Students will be called out for EPIC time to work on skills that were not mastered.

What can parents do to help? Continue reviewing with your child. Watch teaching videos, review names, rules, and process. Hold your child accountable for their growth scores. Praise your child when growth is shown, encourage your child when they are struggling.


Below you will see the performance data for the first Unit. This is a combined representation of all classes (90 students). As you can see, we had 54% of the students who mastered the material and earned an 80% or better. That is an AWESOME number, but my goal is to continue to work with the students that are still struggling and try to get our passing rate higher for next marking period.
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Accelerated Math

We will begin using Accelerated Math this marking period to help remediate students that are having difficulty and enrich students that master the material sooner than later. I will not provide "extra" work for these kids but I will provide them with concepts that are more advanced in the objective library. This will engage eager learners with a challenge while others are still working on mastering the unit concepts. Accelerated Math will be done in class, inquiry, and during Connect times. Accelerated math remediation and enrichment will be based on the current needs of the individual student.

Unit 2

We will begin Unit 2 this week! We will continue to have tests every Friday and we will continue to work on math packets during the course of the week. I will continue to make teaching videos and provide answer key packets via Canvas.

Unit 2 Topics will be posted in the next newsletter. Stay tuned...

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a great week!

Mr. Carter