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Weekly Update ~ April 27, 2020

Happy Monday Oak Grove!

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Incoming 6th-Graders: Language Selection for grades 6-8

5th-grade parents,

Before the school closing, French and Spanish teachers talked to all 5th-grade students about the 6-8 World Language program at Oak Grove. Your child has a choice of two languages: French and Spanish. We've provided links to two videos below with information about the programs.

An email entitled "Language Selection Choice for 20-21" was sent to all 5th-grade parents on Friday with more information, including the account name (family number) and password you will use to log in.

Please refer to Friday's email or check your SchoolMessenger account for the message, then login and fill out the form. It should only take a few moments. We ask that parents indicate the language choice by Friday, May 8th.

Merci and Gracias!


French at Oak Grove

Spanish at Oak Grove

CLICK HERE TO LOGIN using the information sent home Friday.

Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

We are halfway through our Remote Learning window! Congratulations on becoming an honorary Oak Grove long-term substitute teacher :) As we start to feel the weight of knowing we have 5 more weeks of Remote Learning for this school year, here are some friendly professional development tips for your substitute teaching position:

  • Start with fun - Before you start the heavy lifting of instructional support, start with something fun like running laps through the house or racing to build the tallest block tower.

  • If you’re stumped, turn it over to the teacher - Our teachers have office hours twice a day and are ready and willing to provide support. If you have questions, need clarification or additional examples please reach out. Feel free to set aside the frustrating part and move on to something else until you get the clarification you need to support success.

  • Remember to wait - Children need processing time to think and respond. Resist the urge to jump in with quick tips or hints. They are more likely to gain self-confidence and perseverance if you can sit through the awkward silence for at least 5 seconds and up to 15 seconds. If you wait too long to prompt them, they could begin to feel frustrated.

  • Resist your own perfectionism - So their handwriting is not as neat as you’d like or they were a little sloppy when building their project, it’s okay. They are learning and learning is messy. You wouldn’t believe some of the work we see at school but practice makes perfect and with new learning comes imperfection. Instead of asking them to do all over, providing specific and constructive feedback (for next time) will take them further.

  • Stay positive - The best environment to learn is in a positive environment. Focus on what your child did well or improved on. They’ll be excited you noticed and you can take the win!

For the full list of suggestions, see this article, “How Parents Can Help Their Kids While Managing Distance Learning” by Linda Flanagan.

PTO News

Virtual Assembly Links

Thank you Madame Grambo for the Virtual Yoga last week! If you would like to enjoy Madame Grambo’s yoga or the Heather’s Gym Workouts from earlier this month, you can find the links in the virtual backpack.

Virtual Assembly with Taste Buds Kitchen on May 4th

We are so excited to present our next Virtual Assembly!

We'll be making Churro Bites from scratch...just in time for Cinco de Mayo! This recipe mainly uses kitchen staples so it should be easy and low-stress for parents to be excited & for their kids to participate.

Make sure to check out the Virtual Backpack this week for a shopping and equipment list.

Monday, May 4th

  • K-3rd grade students: 1:00-2:00 pm
  • 4th-8th grade students: 2:15-3:15 pm

Keep your eye out for an email with the Zoom link later this week.

To learn more about Taste Buds Kitchen, please visit www.tastebudskitchen.com/bannockburn

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Multicultural News

Listen to the last chapter of THE WISTHREE today! Go for a walk with your family or step out into your backyard sometime this week! The "official" Wishing Day was May 1st in the book, but any day or any tree can be special to your family. We are looking to make a video collage of Oak Grove families sharing Wishtree together, so please upload a photo or short video you have already taken, or create a new memory by taking a family photo in front of a special tree! Fill out this form and share it with us. While we can't be together as planned, we CAN all still make wishes! We can all have hope and we can all support each other like the characters in this story and the way all strong roots support their tree. We hope that you've enjoyed this experience of reading one book together. We hope that it has helped you feel connected during this difficult time. We look forward to some exciting culminating events to commemorate the growth we've made as we've enjoyed this book together!

Here is the link:


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TAG Placement Testing Update

TAG placement testing will take place remotely during the week of May 11th. Since this is the first time we are testing students in this manner, we will be holding practice sessions during the week of May 4th to ensure that students learn the platform and technology they will be using during the online assessments.

All families with students who are participating in the remote testing will receive an email on Monday, April 27th with a two-page letter explaining our procedures for remote testing and the days/times for practice session and testing.

Once placement for the 2020-2021 school year is complete, we will share an update in the Oak Grove News for when the appeal window will open. Contact Mrs. Melamed with any questions.

Social Emotional Learning

Get excited for some OPTIONAL Social Emotional Learning with Mrs. Kiefer. It's less than 20 minutes IF you are looking to sit back and hang out with Mrs. Kiefer! Miss you all and wish we were talking in person!

SEL Movie for parents

5th Grade Puzzles & Cards – Order Yours Today

For Gala 2020, our 5th grade class donated a beautiful game table, custom puzzle and deck of cards featuring the lovely faces of our 5th grade class. The Miller Family was the lucky winner at the silent auction, but we did extend the opportunity to order the puzzle and playing cards. We are going to extend that deadline to May 8th. Visit https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/NzcwODY= to place your order today. Once the items come it, we will do contactless porch drop off. Thank you!

Oak Grove School District Holds Special Education Meeting

Oak Grove School District #68 will host a virtual special education meeting at 9:00 am on Tuesday, May 12th. . The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the district’s plan to provide special education services to students with disabilities who attend private schools and/or are homeschooled. A parent of a home-schooled student who has been or might be identified with a disability and who resides within the boundaries of the district is urged to attend. Questions can be directed to Julie Waehner at waehner@ogschool.org.

Virtual Backpack

Please click HERE to view the flyers in our virtual backpack. Flyers are updated weekly, so please check back often so you won't miss any of the events going on in our community.

Oak Grove School Board of Education

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