Oh The Places You'll Go

411 Report

What's Happening This Week:

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: B Day. Conferences Night #1.

Tuesday: C Day. NO PLC's. Good News Club after school.

Wednesday: D Day. Bus Driver Recognition Day (9:00AM Bus Evacuation Drill too!) *Elem. Principal Meetings. Parent Teacher Conferences Night #2. MVR3 Board Meeting @ 6:00.

Thursday: A Day. 10:00AM Great Central U.S. ShakeOut (Earthquake Drill).

Friday: No School [Conference Break]

Leader In Me: Habit 7

Principles of Effectiveness: Renewal, continuous improvement, and balance.

What It Means...

Habit 7 is preserving and enhancing the greatest assets we have - ourselves. It's regularly renewing the four dimension of our nature: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Common Paradigm - "I'm too busy today to take time for myself."

Highly Effective Paradigm - "I take time for myself every day because it gives me the ability to do everything else."

"There is no better way to inform and expand your mind on a regular basis than to get into the habit of reading good literature... You can get into the best minds that are now or that have ever been in the world."

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The Daily Positive

(This is a website I follow and get emails generated automatically - I felt the need to pass this one along.)

There's been so much going on in the world over the last week.

You might be feeling the intensity of it all?

Events involving tragedy and conflict, which are prominent on our planet right now, can be challenging to process.

Whether those are events you hear about on the news of things happening in your own country or abroad, or problems in your own local community, or perhaps challenges in your own personal life - it's can be a lot to handle psychologically and emotionally.

How do we face these events and still hold the space of optimism, new possibility and peace?

One of things that I'm extremely passionate about is helping good people like you and the rest of our community members, to deal with challenging times without being swamped by them emotionally.

To achieve this, requires building and maintaining a positive and empowered mindset as the foundation for your life.

And today I have a gift to give you which will help you do just that!

Many years ago I created a transformational mind training audio, called 400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations. It has since been played over 1 million times, supporting people all over the world just like you to flourish in good times and to remain present and calm in tough times.

And you can download the audio now for free by clicking the link below.

Conference Night Information

Please use the Google Doc that was sent to you if you need an administrator to be present at one of your conferences. Other great resources would include Title 1 Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Specials Teachers, or the Counselor.

Mrs. Flexsenhar will have information out regarding our Leader in Me initiative. Specials teachers.....Please see Mrs. Flexsenhar to assist with handing out student MAP reports.

PTO will have their annual Bake Sale on both evenings.

Intermediate teachers should put out 3-4 chairs outside of the classroom for waiting parents. Custodians will put folding chairs outside the primary classrooms.

EVERY CLASSROOM MUST HAVE STUDENT WORK HANGING OUTSIDE CLASSROOMS AND/OR INSIDE THE CLASSROOM. Show case the work your students have been doing. Our students have been doing some amazing work in the our classrooms. Thanks to you!

Counselor Corner

Red Ribbon Week Activities and Lessons

Dodging Destructive Decisions

Monday 10/23 - Put a Cap on Drugs, Wear Hats

Tuesday 10/24 - Team Up Against Drugs, Wear a Team Jersey (Dodgeball Tournament after school)

Wednesday 10/25 - Follow Your Dreams, Wear your Pajamas

Thursday 10/26 - Don't let Your Friends do Drugs, Dress like a Friend

Friday 10/27 - Show School Pride, Wear Purple

All classes will watch a Drug-Free DVD during counseling class and sign a Drug-Free pledge.