Seppie McAdams

Best Education Experience

Growing up I LOVED drawing. I didn't do any sports; all I wanted to do is draw. I would run out of things to draw and started writing "I love you" letters to my parents. My mom thought the goofy, invented spelling I came up with was hilarious. I would always ask her how to spell things and SHE WOULD NEVER TELL ME, because she thought it was cute. And it was, so not bitter about it. However, by fourth grade my spelling quizzes suffered greatly. I failed every single one. My mom told me recently that I would come home, laugh it off, and go outside to play. The best lesson I ever learned, I learned from a fourth grade version of myself. IT'S JUST SCHOOL. It's okay if you don't do okay on every test. Yes, I try very hard in school and I want to do well, but I don't let my grades define me or get me down.