Austin's Colony

If you have nothing go to Austin

Good Deal !

There is acres of land for 30$ and Bushels worth a dollar or 50 cents

The Grant

Stephen F. Austin, an initial grant for three hundred families, you ask why you say

Texas had a flood of American immigrants, as many as 30,000 people

The Evolution of Austin's Colony

Stephen F. Austin's father, Moses, laid the foundation for this colony in Texas during, late 1820 and 1821, but died before being able to implement his plans. Stephen, although wasn't sure at first, decided to finish what his father had begun.

The Mexican government feared losing Texas to these Norteamericanos, which led to the sending of a military management under Mier y Teran to Texas in 1829 to observe the actions of the colonists.

Austin's Colony


I got most information from the National Geographic Textbook


Fort Bend County was one of the most heavily populated areas of the colony.