Miss Colsten's Weekly Newsletter

February 12, 2016

Important Dates

February 15th- President's Day, No School

February 16th- Flex Day- No school

February 19th- President's Day Program at 9:45 a.m.- all are welcome to come and watch! All students are encouraged to wear red, white, or blue.

Wednesday the 17th will be a library day as usual!

March 24th: Our class play will be Thursday, March 24th. 10:00 and 1:30 show
(be sure to practice those lines at home!)

March 30th: Career Job Fair (more information to come)

This week

In Reading we began breaking down our play, discussing it's characters, setting and brainstorming how we'll begin to set up and practice for our play in March! We continued to look at a variety of sources when it comes to research and tied this into our non-fiction writing. We focused in on our characters when reading our thematic Valentine's Day stories this week and had fun comparing stories.

In Math we reviewed shapes, measurement and began to look at money/coins! We loved sorting all our money we've been collecting for Pennies for Patients! We've got well over $130!

In Writing we started non-fiction stories about an artic animal of our choosing. Towards the end of the week, students began a free-write story. This means it could be about anything they wanted!

New Sight words: zero, one, two

Next week: three, four, five, six (feel free to start practicing over the long weekend!)

Be Proud Read Aloud

When a friend reads in front of our class, it is one of my favorite things. I love being able to sit in the back and watch them take over. Then, to see their peers interact, it was just the best. I started to record this at the end of the story because there were just so many giggles!
Be Proud Read Aloud

Teaching our 4th Grade Buddies

We LOVED having our 4th grade buddies in Miss Thoennes's class over last week! We taught them how to play BUMP. At first, several students were nervous about teaching a "big kid", but they were amazing. I loved seeing their confidence in getting to teacher someone else!

Middle of the Year Assessments

MOY (middle of the year) assessments are completed and I'm working on compiling an overview to send home next week. They will include NWEA winter scores, guided reading levels, and MOY assessments.

Discovery News

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week we continued our unit on Presidents. The students know four President Songs and two of them include sign language! A big “Thank You” to Mrs. Berry from Fishers High School for helping with the signs. We also participated in centers and made a fun Valentine craft.