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How to do it.

Diet - 3-8 meals per day, including fruits, veggies and paste.

Exercise - Set goals to achieve the body you want.

Rest - to let your muscles develop after the right diet and exercise.


Research, get advice and speak with your trainer!

You have to know what to take for best results and also when to take them

Supplements include protein, creatine, glut-amine, BCAA, fish oils, vitamins.

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are they bad? they have effects such as emotions can make u vary angry or sad also they are hard on your organs and can effect some things going up and shrinking if you know what I mean but at the same time they do work you will get bigger faster your muscles will have faster recovery time and u will grow
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now go out and become what you want to be how big you want how strong you want be the in side best and get him/her out here is some good exercises from a pro
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work out partner

its always safer to have a work out partner at the gym with you to give you tips and a spot on the weights your lifting people that know what there doing such as personal trainers or a person that is in the gym that knows his stuff and will motivate and encourage lift more and push your max.
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