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"Follow Your Dreams." That is our theme for the 22-23 school year at Glendale. We are excited to be a compass for our students, to help them find a worthy course that will challenge their skills and to help them open many doors to learning.

For our September All School Meeting, the students came together to sing "A Million Dreams" from the movie The Greatest Showman, which is our theme song for this school year.

We hope that you enjoy listening to us sing our theme song!

Jennifer Molitor

Glendale Elementary School Principal


  • Oct 4- Evacuation Drill
  • Oct 4- PTC Meeting 6:30PM-7:30PM
  • Oct 6- Junior Naturalist Meeting 8:00AM
  • Oct 10- Savage Fire Dept visit with Kindergarten 10:00AM
  • Oct 13- FIRST CARES Breakfast 9:30AM
  • Oct 14 - **FUN RUN**
  • Oct 14- Cash for Critters (wear a hat & bring a $1 for our Critters)
  • Oct 19- NO SCHOOL- Teacher Workshop Day
  • Oct 20-21- NO SCHOOL **MEA BREAK**
  • Oct 25- All School Meeting 9:30AM
  • Oct 27- Picture RETAKE Day!
  • Oct 31-Nov 4- 5th Grade @ WolfRidge!
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Dear Families,

Prior to school starting this year you should have received a link to the Parent and Student Handbook.

One of this year’s updates in the Parent and Student Handbook is around student use of personal electronic devices. It states:

Personal electronic devices must be turned off in the classroom and are not to be used during school hours unless under the direct supervision and permission of the instructor. Personal devices may not be used during recess or lunch time. The school district is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Any personal electronic devices should be kept in backpacks or with the teachers during the day so that students can focus on learning without distractions.

To add clarity around this procedure we offer the following guidance:

All cell phones, tablets and gaming devices must be shut off and stored either in the students backpack or with your child’s teacher during the day.

Smartwatches (ie. Apple Watches, Fitbits, Galaxy watches, etc.) may be worn during the day as long as they are used solely as watches and not for other purposes. This includes gaming, communication and other uses that distract from learning. Using a smartwatch to communicate with family, friends or other students is not allowed in school. Communication with those outside of the school needs to be under the direction and supervision of school staff. Prohibited use of a smartwatch will result in the loss of privilege to wear the watch.

Thank you for your support and attention in this matter.


Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school, and themselves. If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental skills for learning, including reading and math. Missing 10%, or about 2 days each month over the course of a school year, can significantly impact learning. Research has shown that children who were chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade were less likely to read proficiently at the end of 3rd grade. Review the graphic below for tips on how to create good attendance habits.

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Child Nutrition Services’ Annual Sweet Corn Husking Relays and Picnic happened again! This Farm to School promotion features Casey’s Sweet Corn, whose family farm has been a staple in our community for decades.

Monday, 9/26

  • Corn was delivered to each elementary school in the AM

Tuesday, 9/27

  • Corn Husking Relays!

- 3rd and 4th grade classrooms at Glendale

- Relay Classroom Teams were made

- 1 team per classroom (i.e. 4, 3rd grade classrooms = 4 teams)

- Each team had a set number of ears of corn to husk and needed to rotate all team members through

- Raced from one end of a green space to the opposite end, grabbed ear of corn and husked it

- Ran husked ear back to the start, placed in a bin, and the next team member was sent

- The team that completely husked their ears of corn (husk and silk) was the winner and is crowned the “Corn Champion” of the School!

Wednesday, 9/28

  • All School Picnic for Lunch!
    • Child Nutrition Services served a picnic-style menu for lunch!


3rd Grade: An AMAZING 4-way TIE!

4th Grade: Rittenhouse



This month, Glendale artists will be exploring the Art element LINE & how we can create autumn. We'll also talk about what makes us unique & learn more about each other!


The first few weeks in Media have been filled with decorating library cards, learning routines, and focusing on finding books that interest them and that they enjoy reading.

Kindergartners got to check out their first library book and we discussed ways that they will keep their library book safe. They were so excited!

1st and 2nd graders have been reviewing finding good fit books that they are excited to read. 1st graders can now check out 2 books!

3rd-5th graders were introduced to this year's Maud Hart Lovelace award nominees and watched the book trailers for the 10 books that are nominated this year. Hopefully they saw some that peaked their interest!

5th graders participated in their first "Book Tasting" of the year in Media! They rotated tables that contained a variety of different books from our library and had to read the summaries and create a list of books that they would be interested in checking out this year. There were many students that checked some of these books out right away! I'm hoping to do this a few more times throughout the year to showcase the books we have in our library and get them to branch out and try new books.


September has been an exciting time in the music room. We are establishing routines, playing some instruments and doing A LOT of singing! 1st through 5th grade just sang at our all school meeting and did a fantastic job! Kindergarteners will also hop on board with our all school songs next month! Choir for 4th and 5th grade started a few weeks ago, and we have an astounding 88 kids in choir this year! We are having the BEST time!


Hello Glendale Families, we have had an amazing start to our school year in Physical Education class. All grades have been enjoying the Fall weather. Kindergarten students have been focusing on locomotor movements, spatial awareness and being able to take turns during game activities. Grades 1 & 2 have had the opportunity to work on large group tag games and throwing and catching activities. Grades 3-5 are working on throwing and catching skills. We have been playing a variety of games to enhance their confidence and understanding of throwing, catching, offense and defense. As the weather changes, please help your child remember to bring warm clothing and tennis shoes.


We've got a variety of open positions across the district. Glendale is specifically in search of 2 Noon Supervisors (part-time) as well as 3 Student Support Paras (full-time). Please check out our district website if interested in applying!!
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Prior Lake -Savage Area Schools Recruitment Video


As we start back to school this year, we wanted to remind everyone of our arrival & dismissal procedures. We appreciate your continued patience as we work through all of the new guidelines to keep our students and staff safe.


All K-5 students that are dropped off or walk, should go to the lower level doors. No students may be dropped off before 9:00 am. Kid’s Co. is available for families that need supervision before 9:00. You will need to register your student with Kid’s Co. At 9:00 the doors will open and an adult will greet students. Please

Buses drop students off on the upper level parking lot. For students that are arriving late after 9:20am, parents will need to park in the upper parking lot and accompany their student in to the main entrance to sign them in for the day. The lower level doors will be locked at 9:20am.


Buses will pick up students in the upper level parking lot. All K-5 students that are picked up or walk will be in the lower level parking lot.

PICK UP IN CAR LINE: Please have your sign ready & visible in the window until your student(s) is in the car. When arriving in the parking lot, always stay to the right and form only one line- please follow the arrows and stay inside the painted pick up lane.

STUDENTS BEING BUCKLED IN CARSEATS: Please have your car seat on the right passenger side for easy access to the sidewalk. Once your child gets in the car, we ask that you please pull to our "Buckle Zone" marked with BLUE cones near the lower level exit/stop sign to assist them in order to keep the line moving.

**Please check out our short video of instructions on Drop Off & Pick Up procedures below.

Kids Co. is available if you need care for your student after 4:00pm. If there is an emergency and you are going to be late, please notify the office and your student will be waiting in the front office. You will need to come in and sign them out.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the main office at 952.226.0200. If needed, the Kids Company phone number is 952.226.0090. Again, our main goal is to have a safe process to get our valuable students here and back home every day. Thank you for your cooperation!

GD drop off & pickup procedures
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Thank you to all of the Glendale Families who attended our Back to School Event and made it a great success! We hope your family had a fun time and were able to connect with other Glendale families!

If you haven’t already, please consider giving our Facebook page a "like" to not miss any important details! PTC will be using our Facebook page for updates, event information, restaurant nights, sharing information and more!

Fall Fun Run Fundraiser

The Great Space Exploration will be the main PTC fundraiser for this school year! Watch for an orange information sheet going home with students for all of the details. The fundraising will begin on September 30th and will end on October 14th with some fun spaced themed events! The PTC is raising money to help fund additional flexible seating options, outdoor learning gear, technology and classroom enrichment and teacher allocations! Our school fundraising goal is $30,000! Please watch for a sign up genius coming out soon to help volunteer at the event on October 14th!

The Glendale PTC is looking forward to another great school year and sharing together in the joy of the Glendale Elementary community!

Jenny Olson

Glendale PTC President


1) Our next DOGS meetings will be held on October 19th @ 7:00pm at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake

2) Thank you to all Glendale families that stopped by our tent at the Prior Lake Homecoming Tailgate Party last week!!! We were able to provide hotdogs, chips, cookies and drinks to over 500 attendees of the game. We would also like to thank Prior Lake High School for allowing us to participate in the homecoming festivities.

3) Keep a look out on our website ( and the S’more for information for upcoming DOGS events!!!!



Glendale Attendance Line 952-226-0201

Glendale Main Office 952-226-0200

Glendale Health Office 952-226-0206

Jennifer Molitor, Principal

Lindsay Comstock, Dean of Students

Dawn Ryan, Head Secretary

Heather Hartman, Building Secretary

Andria Turcott, Social Worker

Technology Helpdesk 952-226-0062 or

District Transportation 952-226-0050

Prior Lake Bus Company (after hours) 952-440-1166

Glendale Elementary

At Glendale Elementary, students and adults practice the C.A.R.E.S. skills to create a respectful and safe learning community. Students are providing many learning opportunities to become successful, independent 21st century citizens. Science and environmental education is an important emphasis as well. Glendale's parent support is outstanding including an active PTC, volunteers and the DOGS group.