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About Tangerine and the real world

Sinkholes accurence

Sinkholes are common when the rock below the surface of the land dissolves by the underground water circulating through them. As the rock and dirt dissolve, spaces and caverns develop underground. The land usually stays intact for a while until the underground there is not enough to support for the land above the spaces. Then a sudden collapse occurs. These collapses can be small or they can be huge and where a house or road is on top.

Sinkholes in the real world

Sinkholes in the real world are a problem because they can happen at any time when people aren’t expecting it. This is because sinkholes form so slowly that little to no change is noticeable. Also a lot of lives are lost due to houses collapsing into a sinkhole with people in them.

Sinkhole problem in Tangerine

Sinkholes in Tangerine are a problem because in the book tangerine by Edward Bloor the sinkhole swallows up the portables outside at Windsor Middle School. The sinkhole causes the school to break-up and move around. Making the 8th graders go into the high school and the 7th graders to stay at Lake Windsor or go to Tangerine Middle School. (This is on page 86.)

Solution for sinkholes

A solution for sinkholes is to hire an engineer to check and make sure you don’t have any hollow spaces underneath your house. This will prevent sinkholes from developing and you don’t have to worry about one occurring. If an engineer does find a hole underneath your home you will be unformed and can move out without anybody getting hurt.

Solution For Sinkholes

Compaction Grouting is a great way to stop sinkholes from happening. It can streathen weak soil that has been broken for many years. It blends with the soil and fills in missing particals making it more compact and strong enough to support a foundation.

Sinkholes all over the world

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