Globalization And Vans

By Matt Schumacher


  1. Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.

4 types of Globalization and Issues that Occur and Solutions that can be made

1. Economic Globalization- Globalization that occurs economically, for example, China is has one of the fastest growing economies the world has ever seen. Companies will move their factories to China because of the good economy and job opprotunities. Although, there are some issues. With economic globalization, a country with a good and stable conomy can be useful, but, it can become overcrowded, or workers may not be treated right inside their factories. And one way to solve this problem is move to other countries that have quickly growing economies, such as Brazil or India.

2. Environmental Globalization-There is a huge issue with this. With all the companies and factories in China, it creates extreme amounts of pollution. China has some of the worst pollution in the entire world in it's cities because of all the smog and waste created by the factories. One way to solve it is by recycling and creating more green and effective ways of producing goods and reducing pollution.

3. Cultural Globalization- Throughout the world, we all have different culturesd and customs. Such as America is very different from Japan, and Mexico is very different from Germany. But in a way, we are all very similar. As China is similar to Japan, and America is similar to Canada. But, it can be a problem. As the world becomes more intertwined and more globalized, it can start to destroy some countries customs and cultures. Although there is one way to solve this. When we become more and more global we can respect one another's culutre and be more open and accepting of them. For instance, an American company that has a factory in China must abide by China's customs.

4. Technological Globalization-Technology has made the world more globalized than anything. From inventions such as the computer, cell phone, internet, and evereything in between the world can share it's ideas, videos, posts, tweets, topics, and just about anything from anywhere in the world. But not all countries have a lot of acces to these things, many developing countries have little to none of these technologies, so many of the countrues are left behind in the developed worlds goal to become mor global. Although we can solve this problem. We can develop industry in those nations, and bring natuarl resources to them so these countries and they can become more global with the rest of the world.

Myself and Globalization

Globalization and I are intertwined in many ways. Every time I go to the store and buy a pair of Vans shoes I know I'm giving someone in China a job. I know that these shoes have been made from resources gathered from around the world, and then made in a factory in China. They are then loaded onto a ship that travels to America and the products are shipped to Van's distribution center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Then my shoes were shipped to the Vans store at the Rockingham Mall in Salem, New Hamsphire.


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