Paws for Reading

Hailey J. Stewart

Advantages to Reading a Good Book:

Reading a good book takes you on a magical adventure. Every book contains a different story for you to read. While reading a action adventure your in the story, you can feel the characters pain & struggle throughout the plot. When the resolution comes you don't want your good book to end. I personally recommend a series of books so once your finished with one book there's always another book for you.

A Book is a Gift That you can Open Again & Again -Garrison Keillor

5 Reasons to Read:

1. Fills your imagination

2. You can experience the story through all your five senses

3. Takes you on a magical adventures

4. Learn about different people & things if you read Biographies & Nonfiction books

5. Good books have you asking questions until the very end

Dig Down Deep Into a Great Book

Zendaya - Dig Down Deeper (from "Pixie Hollow Games")