Miss Velez's First Grade Class

Weekly Newsletter for Parents

Hello Parents!

My name is Miss Velez and I am ecstatic to be your child's first grade teacher.

It is my mission to teach your child everything they need to learn to succeed in the first grade and possibly even in years to come. I have planned several activities that will involve different methods to incorporate students that have different learning styles.

This weekly newsletter will provide you with information regarding the topics and work that we will be doing in class.



This month we will be learning and creating poetry relating to Fall and Halloween.

Students have been practicing spelling words by using their white boards during whole group. Our art workstation has orange shaving cream that students can place onto their art trays and they are spelling out their words in the shaving cream.

Have your child write out some of the words we have been learning!


We are learning about hedgehogs this week!

Today we found out that hedgehogs cannot see very well and depend on their hearing and smell. Students drew pictures of how they imagined hedgehogs to look like if they wore glasses. Ask you students to show you their drawing! We also learned that there are 15 species of hedgehogs. Students were shown images of the different types of hedgehogs and translated what we learned in whole instruction over to our learning stations.


This week, we are practicing double digit addition.

Students have done extremely well using addition with single digits and now it is time to move onto double digits. We will also play number bingo for students to practice solving the equations. Ask your student to show you how we have been doing addition!

Dewberry Farm Field Trip.

A reminder that our field trip will take place on October 24th and we will leave the school at 9 am and we will return to the school from Dewberry Farm at 2 pm. Students are being asked to come with a backpack that will contain of their lunches, a water bottle and hand sanitizer. Parents can also place other items such as sunscreen and extra articles of clothing if desired. Students will be given prepared notebooks that contains information regarding the pumpkins and nature that we will see that day. There will also be questions regarding their observations that the students will complete and share the following week with their classmates.

If any parents are available to volunteer for the field trip, please email me or speak to me before or after school this week.

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Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.