The Giver Communitie

Good or Bad

Paragraph #1 Sameness

The elders are in charge and they make all the decisions and control the communitie. When they control something it is called sameness. One way they used sameness is you are born to not see color. Only few are born able to see it and they have pale eyes once you turn 12 you are elected for your job and if you have theses pail eyes you will probably get elected to be the receiver of memory. If you are the reciever of memory you keep all the memories so then anything that was once controlled by sameness will stay that way. Like Jonas one of the first objects he saw that had changed was an apple. But how did it change?

Paragraph #2 Birthdays

In The Giver community is full of people, all kinds of people, wonderful people, but in fact there is only people. So when people are born they go to the nurturing center. The community do not understand what a birthday is so they don't remember any one's each year. Instead of celebrating the day they were born they celebrate everyone's birthday on the same day. No one knows when they were born and no one knows who their real family is. Each child is assigned to a family unit and life with them for the rest of there life. The community all gather in one room the younger kids are called out that day, and each year you get something else. Once you turn 12 they don't keep track of how old you are at all. Until you turn 12 they know how old you are. This is why birthdays are different in The Giver community.

Paragraph #3 Release to Elsewhere

If you are in this community you do not die naturally. The elders made up something called release to elsewhere. Everyone in the community knows what release to elsewhere is but they don't know what happens when you get released. The community has a big ceremony for release but no one knows what is happening besides the Giver and the receiver of memory. But the truth is that when you get released you you don't get sent somewhere. Instead you actually you get put down forever but you will never know. I think it is sad that the Giver knows all these people that er getting released and he's the only one that knows what it is. Because of this the Giver and the receiver are tortured by knowing this. In my opinion the hole community should know because then they can stop it. This is how dieing is way different in the Giver community.