Society Project

By: Priya B. Per. 3

Legally Human

The people in our society have many definitions for someone who is “legally human.” They must be humanly, or act like a human. If they want extreme medical advances to be performed on them, they MUST consult with city officials to be approved. To be legally human in our society you must have at least 25-30% of your brain. You must be known by officials, or in other words, the government should have a copy of your birth certificate for proof that you exist. Bio Gel will be allowed in limited quantities but if you are using Bio Gel you only need to have 20% of your brain instead 25% or like in Jenna Fox’s society 49% of your brain. You must have a “Certificate of Bio Gel” if you are ever questioned about your legality. In Jenna’s life, her level of Bio Gel could have gotten her into big trouble if the FSEB found out. In our society, you will only get into deep trouble if you try to hide from the truth. If you tell one of our government officials, the worst that could happen is that you or whomever is responsible will get fined. In 2013, there was a rare surgery called Hemispherectomy in which you could remove half your brain and still survive. Back then there was no such thing as Bio Gel, so there are no laws concerning it from that time period.


There are many people who regulate these laws in our society. There are people we like to call “Med Cops,” or also formerly known as the “Medical Police.” They are the top sector of the Medical Bioethics Investigations, or M.B.I. The Med Cops check on citizens of our society every month to make sure that there is nobody hiding out. Every day, we put articles in the newspaper to remind our citizens about the rules. In Jenna Fox’s society, they had the FSEB, which is very similar to our M.B.I., except ours is a little bit lighter on the people. We do not tell them that they will get punished less if they tell us rather than if they don’t because we like to know whether people are afraid of the truth and the consequences or not. We want our people to be honest and moral.
In 2013’s society, there were federal regulations considering pediatric research. The first “permits research with children that presents no greater than minimal risk, or risk equivalent to that which children encounter in their daily lives, as long as adequate measures are taken to solicit informed parental permission and meaningful child assent, and other research protections, such as independent review, are in place.”-


If any of our laws are broken, there will be consequences. If you try to hide from the truth, or do not tell our officials in the M.B.I. that you exceeded the posted limit then the consequences will be harsh such as jail, or a fine of $800,000. If you do go to court with lawsuit and fail to show your Certificate of Bio Gel, then the fines and jail time may increase or double. We do not take this as a joke, and neither should you. The M.B.I will decide if you deserve lighter or heavier punishment. In Jenna Fox’s society, the F.S.E.B. decided what to do. They will take the person away and could possible shut down factories.