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September 21, 2015

In this edition you will find:

  • PALS Reminders and Updates
  • READ Plan Reminders and Resources
  • Enrich Updates

PALS Window 1

PALS Window 1 will end this Friday, September 25th. All 1st-3rd grade teachers should enter the screener assessment data into PALS by the end of the day, September 25th. Please communicate any problems as soon as you can so we can provide support. We report this data to the state, so it is imperative we have all data collected and entered into PALS.

Please see the updated Key Assessment Chart and read page 2 carefully-we've made some clarifications based on feedback from School Leaders, Teaching Partners and teachers. Please let us know what questions you still have, and THANK YOU for the feedback!

Mosley K-8 has different windows of time due to their start dates for this year: Window 1 ends Oct. 26 for the screener and Window 2 is thru Dec. 15 for the diagnostic.

PALS Testing Reminders

Please note: PALS will prompt teachers to complete the reading in context portion even if they are at or above the cut score-this is NOT required!

Teachers are not required to administer all diagnostic assessments in PALS UNLESS a student falls below the cut score. If a student scores at or above the cut score, YOU CAN STOP ASSESSING in PALS-regardless of what PALS tells you to do.

Diagnostic testing needs to be completed for students who fall below the cut scores NO Later than November 13; however, we recommend teachers complete diagnostic testing as soon as possible so they can begin Tier II Intervention and progress monitoring to address the needs of students quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: Enrich DOES NOT communicate with PALS-if a student has an ID Icon next to their name, it doesn't mean they have a READ Plan. Teachers will need to look in Enrich to find a plan if it exists. We do NOT write READ plans in grades 4-5.

If a 4-5 student is showing a reading deficiency based on data collected, but they aren't currently on a READ Plan, they should be placed on a Tier II Intervention program in Enrich. The goals and progress monitoring could be similar to the goals that would be in a READ Plan. Please talk to your MTSS Partner if you have any questions.

Kinder PALS Information

The window for Kinder PALS testing is November 2-December 18. We recommend waiting until this window of time before assessing to give students the appropriate time and opportunity to learn and demonstrate the skills assessed. Please make sure your Kinder teams are trained and ready to administer Form B during this window.

  • Teachers will need to administer ALL required assessments according to PALS for Kinder students to receive a cut score. This is different than the number of required assessments for students in grades 1-3. Two of the assessments can be administered in small groups.

READ Plan clarfications

New students who fall below the PALS cut scores will need the diagnostic testing before November 13th-OR SOONER. The sooner the better so Tier II Instruction with progress monitoring can happen quickly to meet the needs of the student based on the data.

Students SHOULD NOT be placed on a READ plan until the second Testing Window ends-after November 13th.

READ Plan Reminders

  • Under the new security parameters set by the district, only the classroom teacher can create a new READ plan for their student. If you are supporting a teacher in creating a plan, be sure the teacher is the person logged into Enrich.
  • When teachers create or revise a plan, there are a few additional steps in the process.
  • Revised help sheets are included below.

Creating a READ Plan

Updating a READ Plan

Finalizing READ Plans and Updating a Team Lead

PLEASE FINALIZE ALL PLANS that have been revised-they are not activated plans until you finalize. Please see the help sheets above if needed.

Beginning of Year READ Plan Analysis

School Leaders and Teaching Partners:

  • What structures are in place to support teachers with READ Act implementation?

The READ Team highly recommends supporting teachers with reviewing their READ Plans early in the year. As fresh data is collected in the coming weeks, teachers will want to confirm the READ goals put into place last year, revise as needed to meet the needs of each student, and begin progress monitoring immediately.

  • ALL English Learners who have a read plan must have an appropriate Oral Language goal. We recommend that the Teaching Partner work with the ELA TL and/or ELA Consultant to ensure these goals are in place.

Please contact your MTSS Partner, ELA Consultant or Instructional Coordinator for support if needed.

READ Resources for Teaching Partners

Teaching Partners and School Leaders will find resources in supporting teachers with READ Plan implementation. The READ Team will continue to post resources into this shared folder for use as needed. These resources are in process of being updated on the READ Website as well, so stay tuned!

Please remember, you MUST be signed into your AuroraK12 google account to view the folder.

READ Act Google Folder

Enrich Updates

BAS level data entry will be in the same place it was last year in order to avoid a large fee charged by Enrich to change the name to BAS.

Here are directions on where to enter:

1) Test: from the drop-down menu, select DRA-2 General

2) Administration: select 2015-16 Beginning of year Baseline

3) It will open the spreadsheet, and teacher can enter the Independent BAS score in that first column-Gen Text Level. That is the only column teachers need to enter data.


  • For all APS students who are on a READ plan, BAS levels need to be entered into Enrich monthly. A teacher is able to enter multiple scores in the same window by following the directions on this Enrich Help Sheet. This help sheet link is also at the bottom of the Key Assessment Chart on page 2.
  • Teachers should enter BAS baseline scores by Sept 11 into the Beginning of Year Baseline window.

Please email Lori Stack if you have any questions or need support with Enrich.

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