savanna lemly

about meee:))

just me

i am savanna. i am 16. i have 8 brothers and sisters. names are sierra, Lucas, me, lexy, christian, Nathan, Ashlyn, and Nicholas. also have 2 animals, cat name coby and dog name scrappy. i live with my grandma and dad and of course all brothers and sister. mom past away 2013. dad has cancer. this family has been through alot. and what you really need to know about me is that whenever i am learning a subject i am really slow special in math because its either you move to fast or you describe it in a way i cant understand, i am not good at knowing alot of things for some reason things just slip out of my mind. so if you can please be slow with me at least because most times im shy to ask questions and sometimes i would get in really hyper moods.