Mr. Hawkins' Class !

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I am in class at 6:45 in the morning ready to go! I expect students in class and ready to go as well. I expect students to pull their weight. I am working my tail off on a daily basis. I give a ton of energy out daily for the students. I want the students to have a good experience and enjoy the process. I want to stimulate their brains and encourage them to have a love of knowledge and curiosity in this big, incredible world. I don't assign a ton of work. Classwork that is not finished becomes homework. Homework is seldom assigned but does occur on occasion. I expect work to be finished in time for the next time we meet. This is important because I don't have the time to chase work down. Students are allowed to make-up all work...missing or even low grades! But chasing down work is a big energy drain and effects my ability to keep up with the hundreds of other things teachers have to deal with. It may actually be thousands! I use class dojo for reporting to parents about behavior and work. It is easy to use and quite convenient.

In short I expect students to work with me on THEIR education. I want to do whats right by them and you. Please know that!!! I am ALWAYS available to help or answer questions. My ability to do what you expect of me is tied directly into our ability to communicate. PLEASE feel free to contact me at any time. The class dojo app is the very best way. If you need me to call you send me a note with your number and this will speed up the process!

Quick Bio

I have been working with kids for 25 years! I feel as if I was called to do it. I actually enjoy working with kids and helping them learn. I worked for 10 years in a lock down facility with juvenile delinquents. I have been at Roy Waldron for 15 years. I have become attached to the Lavergne kids. I am also a professional photographer with photography degree. I have had a business for 20 years shooting portraits, weddings, art and assorted jobs concerning the music business. I work on occasion for American Songwriter magazine. I have been published in alot of magazines including People, Spin and Billboard magazines. I am 49 but actively play sports and enjoy kayaking and fishing. I play alot of Ultimate Frisbee and have an afternoon frisbee club in Lavergne. We gather at the park on a weekly basis to play and learn how to be social. I see alot of issues with this daily and this seems to help.
Tn. State Standards

This link will take you to a page where you can locate all the standards I am required to teach. The list is extensive and somewhat daunting.

Things that would help me with your child!!!!

I am teaching many math standards that use multiplication as a foundation.

Yet, many of my students do not know simple multiplication facts! I do not have time to teach what is considered a 3rd grade skill and the kids really struggle with what I am required to teach. There are many free games and programs online.

Many of my kids are not reading on a 5th grade level! Reading effects every subject I teach! Nightly reading should be required in all houses in my opinion. It will make a hug difference in your child's academic life.... I promise.

Ask your kid what they are learning....If they are eager to tell you then we are doing great! I want them to feel invested in their work!

AND LASTLY always check with me before you question any decision I have made. I am certainly not immune to mistakes. Heck, I probably answer 600 hundred questions a day and make almost as many decisions daily. I mess but always try to rectify! Often the story from school is a tad different than what the kids say! You probably know how this works. We have all been kids! I need communication to happen before any judgement so we can take care of any issue and continue with what is needed for your kid! I am here for your kid.