Hawk Talk

Volume 2, Issue 18 January 18-22, 2016

Important this Week!

  • School Holiday in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Box Top Party
  • 4th Grade Austin Trip Parent Meeting 6-7
  • Hajek PLC Meeting 3:20
  • Jana out morning for Chp. 37 Discipline Update
  • Jeanie out afternoon for Chp. 37 Discipline Update
  • Mooyah Night!
  • Neubauer and Durst out
  • 9:40-11:40 4th grade Team Time
  • 1:40 STEAM meets with 5th grade

Hajek PLC

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 3:15pm


Please bring a copy of your ELA and Math TEKS, Scope and Sequence or your Laptop to access them.

We will be meeting in our vertical teams for part of the meeting


Thank you,

  • K-5 for such amazing PLC time last Wednesday! I appreciate your hard work and dedication.
  • Wendee, for helping me out so I wouldn't reek for the Board Meeting
  • 2nd Grade, for a smooth transition for the kids
  • amazing staff that divides and conquers when we have no subs
  • Jana for all that you do for Hajek
  • Jessica, Courtney, Sara, and Crystal for the new clubs you are sponsoring!
  • Kellie Taylor for your graciousness during a long meeting and to the team for taking care of everything.

I just want you to know how amazing it is to work with such amazing people that truly take care of each other like family!

Advanced Academics & Counseling: Stacy Sturlin

Working with Gifted Students: After attending the TAGT conference in December, I asked our GT specialists what resources should be shared with others to better equip them to work with identified students. Here are their top recommendations:

Ian Byrd’s website Byrdseed- http://www.byrdseed.com/

Lisa Van Gemert- http://www.giftedguru.com/