By Quinn Hutchins

Jacopo Tintoretto was born in October,1518 in Venice ,Italy, he was the son of a dyer named Giovanni Comin. Tintoretto spent his childhood growing up in Venice where his father noticed his artistic ability when he would paint on the wall of his shop. When his father realized his full potential he took him to the studio of Titian a famous painter who taught at the Venetian school in Venice. His father wanted Titian to train Tintoretto how to become an artist. It was only ten days into Tintoretto's training when Titian sent him home for good, this was because Titian thought that his paintings showed to much independence which made him believe Tintoretto would not be a proper pupil. After he was kicked out of Titian's class the two no longer communicated with each other. During his art career Tintoretto lived quite and peaceful life where he rarely left Venice and spent most of his time in his workshop. He mostly painted religious paintings like The Last Supper, Finding the Body of Saint Mark, and the Madonna With Child and Donor. His main patron in life was Titian even though he spent only ten days in his studio with him Titian taught Tintoretto what it meant to be a great artist. Idealism is connected to Tintoretto because many of his paintings are painted to absolute perfection such as "The Last Supper". Perspectivism is also connected to him because his painting "Christ at the Sea of Galilee" has a detailed background of the ocean. Tintoretto was considered to be one of the best painters for his era until his death in May,1594.
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The Last Supper

The painting "The Last Supper" was painted by Tintoretto in 1594. Its current location is at the church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice,Italy. This painting was one of the last paintings painted by Tintoretto before his death in May, 1594. This painting is of Jesus Christ and his disciples the night before his death. I find this piece of art interesting because instead of the apostles being in the center of the scene more secondary characters are like servants, and women. This painting is also interesting to me because it is impressive to see how much detail,time, and effort was put into this magnificent painting. This piece is very admirable to me as well because it took a total of two years to complete this painting with all of its detail and elegant beauty. Idealism is very evident in the piece of art because Jesus and his disciples are painted to absolute perfection in every way. Jesus and his disciples are painted in such a magnificent way because this needs to convey how amazing religion is.

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