iPads in the Classroom

What's the Hype?!

With more and more schools moving towards utilizing the iPad's capabilities, knowing all the information about purchasing one is definitelty in any educator's best interest. Depending the amount of GB and whether or not one wants all of the bells and whistles, cost usually range from around $500 to just under $1000. The Apple Store can give all the information that could possibly be desired!

iPad in the Classroom
Weston College - Teaching through iPad apps

End Your Search for Digital Textbooks Here!

classzone.com links teachers to digital textbooks. It provides them with powerpoint presentations, audio resources, and can assist them with activity ideas for unit provided by the text.

Great tools for language and vocabulary!

These can all be useful in any language arts class, to help build grammar and typing skills.

Just Show Me: 3 educational iPad apps for juniors and seniors

Still Not Convinced?

Explore Apple in Education to see even more possibilities the iPad can give to your classroom!