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Sometimes one is better than a thousand

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher

-Japanese Proverb

Even with four years of high school, our students will still fall short of a thousand days of diligent study...even with perfect attendance. That is why it is so important that we are great teachers everyday we have them. This goes far beyond the rigor and relevance of content and curriculum. A great teacher is one who encompasses these components and also cares, monitors, and truly believes that all students can and will be successful. A great teacher is a PHS teacher, I have the privilege of witnessing this greatness on a daily basis! For that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday-12/12 District Christmas Party at White Pine
  • Friday-12/18 (Wrangler in Action) Link to Schedule
  • Saturday - 12/19 - 1/3 Christmas Break...Enjoy!

Student-Led Instruction

In Mr. Johnson's Algebra II Honors class students get the opportunity to learn and teach in a couple of different ways. They work through their problems on the board, sometimes solo, sometimes in pairs, but always with feedback and assistance from Mr. Johnson and other students. Students then have the opportunity to demonstrate how their board work turns out by using the graphing calculator. The math rhetoric has to do with solving linear systems using graphing to eliminate substitution matrices (I may have butchered that)...for those of you lacking your math decoder ring, I would encourage you to ask Mr. Johnson for more explanation. This type of instructional practice is student-centered and requires the students to be accountable and take ownership over their work while at the same time encouraging peer involvement and group work and feedback while navigating this difficult concept.
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