The Sun

By: Kevin Landers

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This is where the process of nuclear fission occurs. It encompasses 25% of the suns radius. The temperature is hotter than 15 million K.

Radiative Zone

This is the layer where energy is primarily transferred towards the exterior. The temperature ranges from 1.5 million K to 15 million K.

Convective Zone

This is the layer that is unstable to convection. energy is primarily transferred here by convection.


This is the deepest layer of the sun that we can observe directly. the temperature ranges from 4000 K to 6500 K.


This is the outermost layer of the sun. The temperature is 500,000 K. This can not be seen with a naked eye.
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Theses are areas on the sun that are cooler than the rest of the sun.
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This is an effect of solar flares. They look beautiful but cause damage to satellites.
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These are explosions occurring on the Sun. They often occur near sunspots.
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These are huge arches of glowing gas that extend outward from the Sun's surface.