Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis was born on December 8th, 1925. He grew up singing, dancing, acting. He became a comedian later on in life. He had to overcome a lot of things like car accidents, cancer, and divorce.
Within 1950, he broke apart from the band and went solo.In November 1954, Sammy Davis almost died.He shattered his face and ruined his left eye. During 1960, he married Swedish actress may brett. They had one daughter together and adopted 2 boys in their eight-year marriage. may brett and Sammy Davis divorced and Sammy soon married another girl in 1970.
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Sammy Davis was a had a very strong belief that all people are created equal. So he worked well with Martin Luther King Jr. He had marched in all of the marches there was plus he refused to practice segregation. He Had died may 16th from throat cancer. since he was so popular he changed the way people thought and how they were running their bizness.